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Electrical networks

4D Projektai elektros projektavimas

Automation and security systems

4D Projektai Automatika ir apsauga

Fire detection and control systems

priešgaisrinių sistemų projektavimas

Electronic communications

4D Projektai komunikacijos

About us

Since I have quite significant practical experience, five years ago I started making technical projects for electrical engineering, security systems, and electronic communications and automation systems.  However, almost right away I encountered a problem – having an objective for high quality technical project it was not enough just to have experience but there was a great need for the means that would allow for quick performance.  Then I remembered the time when I was just starting to learn how to work with CAD software. I was lucky to meet a brilliant teacher who taught me Visual Basic, AutoLISP and other smart solutions. After a while I managed to increase my work efficiency by 4-5 times. However, it took me about half a year ‘to tame’ the software.

Marius Pliuskys, Director of 4D projektai, PLLC

Projects completed

Ground breaking technology

All the projects by 4D projektai, PLLC are designed with DDS-CAD software. According to the experts this particular software is usually chosen for work due to its simplicity and efficiency. Upon loading the information on all the necessary electrical substations, outlets and cables onto the model, DDS-CAD immediately generates the documentation of the switchboard, routes, and cables whereas with the other engineering design software this operation must be done manually.

Now the calculations for all systems are performed faster and they are more accurate. Simple calculations are done by single click – this lowers the costs for engineering calculations. Also, DDS-CAD provides the possibility to differentiate between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional models.

This software permits generation of a wall image where the client is able to see the specific position/placement of the detail/part. If required it is possible to go on a virtual walk inside the model. All the wishes of the client and the changes relevant to them may be fulfilled during at design – this saves time and money at actual realization phase of the project.

It is possible with DDS-CAD:

  • Import DWG/DXF formats and recognize the spaces and architectural elements.
  • Support IFC and BCF formats – a possibility to use the benefits of integrated design process.
  • Make an architectural building model using two-dimensional drawings and provide the building envelopes with essential parameters.
  • Apply multi story logic to the design of the engineering systems.

Complete design process:

  • Prevention of intersection and drawing of automated circumventions.
  • Vast element library with the possibilities for parametrization.
  • Creation and import/export possibilities of the elements.
  • Making of automatic material manifest.
  • Import of architectural 2D DWG and 3D IFC files directly into the software and their export.
  • Preparation of the drawings linked to the project model.

Integrated design process

BIM – Building Information Modeling – is a process where all the information on the building at any cycle of its realization starting with the primary project concept until its demolition is created and managed. BIM includes all the design geometry of the building, dimensional connection with environment,  lighting analysis, geographic information, quantity and quality calculations of the building components, energy indicators of the building and their optimization, as well as the infrastructure of the building (water supply, electricity, communications, etc.)

Having an objective to unite all the participants of the construction project for common work it is necessary to ensure compatibility of the software used by any of them.

Wishing that BIM process becomes popular and an everyday phenomenon it is necessary to move towards uniform software standards. This particular initiative was named OpenBIM that was launched by an international nonprofit organization buildingSMART International and by a number of BIM software companies: Tekla, Graphisoft, Nemetschek and DDS-CAD.

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